Thermocouples & PT100 elements

The right thermocouple for your company.

If you’re looking for a thermocouple to help you with controlling the temperature in a certain production process. The best thermocouples and PT100 elements are available in the elaborate catalog of CasCade Automation Systems. If it has anything to do with the temperature in your company, we know everything about it. Our experienced staff always like to help you set up a professional system to control the temperature in the production process. You can buy instruments from us whihc will help you achieve a solution, but we can also offer complete custom solutions. We will assess your company to find the perfect solution to your problems.

Custom made thermocouples

To get a well working thermocouple which will last years, you need to buy them from CasCade Automation Systems. We sell multiple default models, whihc we can offer from our stock. However we can also offer you custom made thermocouples, made entirely to your wishes, and we can even use your own drawings as a design reference. We always have very short delivery times, so you can use them quickly. We can offer mantle thermocouples, or thermocouple type S or R, with ceramic housing, made for temperatures above 1200 degree Celsius.

The perfect thermocouple from CasCade

You can always contact us, should you ever have questions about our company, our products or the millions of ways we can help you and your company. We at CasCade Automation Systems will always help and advise. There’s no question about temperature control left unanswered by us.

Measurement is knowlegde, knowledge is power!

CasCade deliver a very wide range of products concerning thermocouples and PT100 elements. Other than standard models we always have in stock, we can also manufacture special models, completely to the likes and preferences of the customer.

In our factories, every temperature sensor will be made according to our customer’s specification with a very reasonable delivery time. We offer thermocouple types K, J, T, R, S, E, B, N, PLII, U, L and C in any length or diameter the customer desires. We offer coated thermocouples type K from 0.5 mm diameter and up and almost any length is possible. Also the thermocouple type S and R with ceramic protection tube made for temperatures up until 1800 ⁰C is a standard product at CasCade.

Naturally we offer all sensors with calibration or conformity certificate, if the customers want us to.


Thermocouples & PT100 elements

Coat and tube

General catalog 

Deliverable with standard connection button or fixed cable.

General Thermocouple catalog from RKC 
Leaflet ST50 stick-thermocouple
Leaflet ST55 miniature sensors

Thermocouple wire & compensation cable 

Reels from 100 metre

PVC, PTFE (teflon) and glass fibre isolation. 

Optional stainless steel armor or copper shielding

Thermocouple plugs & chassis parts

Standard &

miniature plugs

For all types of thermocouple plugs, female ports en chassis parts