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If you want to buy a solid state relay.

If you want to buy a solid state relay you’re at the right address at CasCade. Our company likes to help you find the product you need for your application. CasCade is a company specialised in terms of industrial temperature measurement. Not only that, but we also know everything about temperature control, alarming and registration. Every instrument you think you will need for this, you can find in our catalog. We offer the products from RKC Instrument Inc. and CD Automation. Think about temperature sensors, controllers, dataloggers, recorders, scada software and touchscreens. We want to make it as easy as possible to control the temperature within the processes in your company. We can offer the products, but we can also make custom solutions for you.

Buy Solid State Relays                                                 

To buy a solid state relay, you can always contact CasCade Automation Systems. CasCade is a company who has many years of experience in the field of temperature controlling. We’ve seen all the new developments over the years and we make sure that we use the best, most modern equipment for our processes. If you buy from us, you will always be certain that we offer a solution you can actually work with. Without having to pay as much as you may be used to at other companies. Our engineers are always glad to help find the perfect solution for your problems.

Buy Solid State Relays at CasCade

CasCade is a company based in Ridderkerk. From here we help control the temperature at multiple big companies all over the world. You can be confident that we deliver the products and solutions you can use. Our company does not deliver half work, but ensures the control of temperatures of your production processes stays as accurate as possible.

Thyristor Units.

Thyristor units from CasCade Automation Systems

When you’re dealing with a lot of production processes where temperature is an important factor, and heating is done with electric heating elements, a thyristor unit is indispensable. This is one of the most important elements in the process of controlling the temperature. If you are looking for a replacement for a thyristor unit, or a thyristor for a new system, CasCade Automation Systems will have a solution. Our company knows everything about these products, but also everything else where temperature control comes into play. We sell products from knows brand such as RKC Instrument Inc. and CD Automation.

Thyristor units suited for your needs

Is your company looking for a new thyristor unit, or thryistor units for a new process? Just get into contact with CasCade free of charge. We have some experts in this type of field to answer all of your questions. Not only to recommend the right type of thyristor, but also to take a look at your production process, for we can deliver just a product, but we also like to think with you and your company to find an all-including solution. We ensure that every process will be monitored, to make for a careless experience for our customers.

Want to know more about CasCade Automation Systems?

Elsewhere on our website you can find more elaborate information about the products we sell and the service we offer. Our company wants to help you find the perfect product for your solution. On our website you can find the contact information easily.

No voltage is too high for CasCade!


CasCade are selling the thyristor units and Solid State Relays from CD Automation and RKC Instrument Inc. Our specialists are able to advise you which unit you can buy best for which application.


The RKC Solid State Relays from the SSN series are very populair, they’re available in 15, 25 and 45 Ampere. These three models are suited for voltages up to 240 Vac and are by default sold with a cooling body and a DIN-rail for easy mounting.


The THV40 and THW series thyristor units are single- and three phase thyristors respectively, which are suited for up to 200 Ampere. The units are nicely finished with a display and keys to quickly set up parameters. Of course it’s possible to use the units with phase-angle firing to make sure the voltage being sent to the heating elements is representing the power needed, which will enhance the stability of your process and the duration of the elements. It is also possible to use them in the primary side of a tranformator.


A very complete product line from CD Automation has everything anyone can ever look for when it comes to thyristors. From small and compact to high capacity for advanced heating elements.


1-phase or 3-phase models, and the energy-saving 2-phase models are all default at CD Automation. By putting in smart microprocessors, very advanced elements can be easily controlled. Kanthal Super, Silicium Carbide or Infrared, it’s no problem with CD Automation.

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If you cannot find the product you are lookingfor, contact us.


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Download the complete product catalog from CD Automation

CD Automation

Revo-S series

Basic series 1, 2 & 3 phase Thyristor units with build in circuit breaker

REVO-S 1 phase 30~40A
REVO-S 1 phase 60~210A
REVO-S 2 phase 30~40A
REVO-S 2 phase 60~210A
REVO-S 3 phase 30~40A
REVO-S 3 phase 60~210A

Revo-M series

Elaborate series 1, 2 & 3 phase Thyristor units with build in circuit breaker


Advanced series 1, 2 & 3 phase Thyristor units with build in circuit breaker

Multidrive 1-phase
850~2700 Amp
Multidrive 2-phase
45~2700 Amp
Multidrive 3-phase
34~2700 Amp

Revo-CL series

Single phase series Thyristor units for special heating elements

35~40 Amp
60~210 Amp
280~700 Amp

RKC Instrument Inc.

SSN & SSJ series

Single phase series Solid State Relays for standard heating elements

SSN series
SSNP series
SSJ series
THV40 series

THV40 series

Single phase series thyristor units for 400 Vac.

from 20 to 200 ampere

THW-3 series

3 phase series Solid State Relays for standard heating elements

THW-3 instruction manual
THW-3 Leaflet

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