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If your company has any affiliation to industrial automation, then you’ve probably heard of scada software. This is the software used to gather, forward, process and visualise data. This can be applied to different machines in industrial systems. Conventional Scada software can be quite expensive, which is comprehendible given the complexity of the data you can process with it. Still CasCade Automation Systems can offer you a solution for only a fraction of the costs of standard Scada software. This solution is called Specview.

Advantages of Specview

If you’re looking for a Scada software solution, which does not have such high costs, Specview is a perfect solution. You can make a simple Scada solution with this application, completely designed according to your company’s wishes. A quickstart autoconfiguration is built into the application, with which you can directly see all connected serial ports. The programm supports multiple protocolls from all over the world. It uses a graphical interface, datalogging reports, a historical overview of your screens and an alarm monitoring. The software can be used in different industries, such as food industy, metal industry, chemical industry and industrial automation.

Scada software

At CasCade we can tell you everything about SpecView and we can help you to easily get started with the software. We can setup everything to make it as easy as possible for you. We can also give a demonstration on site, from which you can see the software working in a live environment. If you would like further information or make an appointment, please contact us.

Specview is an advanced program and a more cost effective solution than conventional SCADA software. Specview enables you to easily manufacture a working SCADA application, in just a couple of minutes instead of days. The quick-start auto configuration tells Specview which instruments are connected on the serial ports. Specview (with multi-port option) support up until 9 communication ports, every port is able to use the same or different protocols. Specview can be remote controlled from anywhere in the world.



  • Quick Start automatic configuration

  • Graphical user interface

  • Data Logging with reports

  • Historical overview of your screens

  • Strategy Controller for automation

  • Alarm Monitoring


Application areas

  • Food industry

  • Metal industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Factory automation

  • Machining automation



SpecView scada software

If you would like a demo at your company, please contact us.



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Scada software

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