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A temperature controller for your company.

At CasCade Automation Systems we know everything about controlling, analysing and measuring of temperatures within a production process. It is of great importance to monitor the temperature as best as possible, to make sure no problems will develop. Therefore is it important to have excellent equipment. We have plenty of this equipment in our catalog.
Years of expertise in the field of temperature controlling we know which product for every application. You only need to take a look at our website for the best temperature controller. You can always contact us should you have any questions.


A temperature controller of the best quality.

Within a production process it is very important to utilise good equipment to monitor this process. If you do not use this, there will always be a risk that the production process will be disturbed and the product will be damaged. Damaged products will bring higher costs with them and no director wants this! At CasCade we know everything about temperature controllers, but other equipment to control the temperature of a process as well. You can always contact us if you have questions, or if you want us to find a suitable solution.


The solution for every company.

A temperature controller is an important instrument in the process of the control of a production process. A temperature contoller isn’t the only important instrument at play though. You might also need to think about temperature sensors, dataloggers and recorders. We sell all of these products and like to work together to ensure these instruments fulfill the job intended in your company.


Everything in control with CasCade!


CasCade Automation Systems have exclusively brought RKC Instruments Inc. products from Japan to the Benelux market for almost 20 years.
RKC differentiate themself from many other companies by offering a wide variety of superb quality products. RKC offer a wide range of controllers from miniature PID controllers to stunningly fast process controllers for the semiconductor industry and from temperature controllers with an accuracy of 0,001⁰C to multi-zone systems for hundreds of control loops.
When temperate control is a problem, CasCade will always find a solution. If we do not have a standard solution at hand, you’ll be able to consult one of our engineers to find a custom solution. To create these custom solutions, we connect the RKC system controllers to either the touch-screens from Proface or to the SpecView Scada software, and we’ll develop applications to meet your solution.
Your wish is our challenge. We do what we promise!

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us.


Temperature controllers

RB series

Standard series temperature controllers

Leaflet RB series

FB series

Leaflet FB series

Advanced series temperature and process controllers

Leaflet FB100
FB series manual

MA 900 series

Leaflet MA 900 series

4 or 8 channel temperature controllers

Communication manual

System controllers

SR mini system

Advanced temperature- and process controlsystem 

Mini DCS system

SR mini HG Leaflet

SRZ system

Standard multi-zone temperature control system

SRZ leaflet
SRZ instruction
Z-TIO-G on 0,001 degree C

Program controllers

PF900 series

Advanced temperature program controller

PF900 leaflet

Rex P48/96 series

Standard temperature program controller

Rex P48/96 leaflet
Rex P48/96 Instruction

Process controllers & specials

HA400/900 series

High speed temperature controller

HA400/900 Leaflet

Rex F9000 

Ultra stable temperature controller

Rex F9000 Leaflet
Rex F9000 Instruction


PID temperature controller with build-in solid state relay

SB1 Instruction
SB1 Leaflet


PID temperature controller with octal mounting / DIN-rail mounting

SA100 Leaflet
Comm instruction